4 yr old and 10 yr old fight constantly in the afternoons

Mommabird - posted on 09/16/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I stay at home with our 4 yr old son and from the second his 10 yr old sister gets home until dinnertime they are arguing. My 4 yr old is content all day playing and watching movies but when his sister gets home from school he follows her around wanting her to play or just do Anything with him. Some days she will but some days she just wants to be left alone. He pouts and whines if she says no. I try and explain shes busy or doesnt want to be bothered but he doesnt give up. Unless Im constantly watching him he will sneak back to her room and beg her to play, causing another argument. I know he will grow out of it when he starts kindergarten but what do you suggest for our afternoons of chaos?


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Julia - posted on 09/23/2014




OMG It's like you're in my house in the afternoons! LOL We have the same scenarios, but mine are both girls. Same exact thing, the 4 year old wants the 10 year old to play with her and if she says no, it's a full blown meltdown. We've tried explaining that her sister is a lot older, we explain that she has homework, chores, etc. It doesn't matter, all she cares about is playing with her sister, and my poor 10 year old is so sweet and most days sits and plays whatever little kid activity she wants to play, but the second she wants to stop...oh man! I think I'm gonna just follow this one because I have no advise but I'd like to see if anyone else does!

Kelsey - posted on 09/17/2014




Little kids want attention from older kids. Take your son out, and don't let him bother your daughter. My 12 year old daughter has a 6 year old cousin who always wants to play with her, but she tells him to go away which causes him to wail.

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