40min naps!

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How do i get my three mths old son to sleep longer then 40mins?


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Casey - posted on 07/31/2009




How is he sleeping at night? I agree that i would wrap and put him back down, and encourage him to be happy in his own company. its okay if they have a little cry, and if he stops after a couple of minutes and goes back to sleep all the better. In a couple of months he will sleep better again, so just hang on, i lived by the rule up for an hour (or less) then back down for sleep. Then they dn't get over tired and sleep easier. Bottle before bed and well burped is best!

Vicki - posted on 07/31/2009




Hiya, 40/45 mins is a normal length of time for REM (deep sleep), you will find that babies tend to rouse after this time, if you leave him for a few minutes and don;t rush in as soon as he wakes he will learn to put himself back to sleep, so eventually when he comes out of the REM sleep at 40/45 mins he doesn' t fully wake but goes back to sleep. When he initially wales he may cry for a few minutes but this could be his way of learing how to put himself back to sleep. HTH

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Did you know that a sleep cycle is normally around 45 minutes long. Sometimes we just have to teach them to go back to sleep, by wrapping them back up and tucking them back in like anything new habbits can take a while to learn.

Jennifer - posted on 07/04/2009




Do you swaddle? If not, I would highly recommed the 123 Swaddle blanket by Swaddle Designs. I have 4 kids, and my 3 youngest have 3 each. I swaddled my twins until they could get themselves out of the swaddle. Try a noise machine along with a fan.

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My son (9months) has a ceiling fan and that helps block out the smaller noises made while he naps. He didn't nap for more than 20minutes once or twice a day for the first 7months after birth - that was a nightmare especially since I lived away from my family at the time! But the last couple of months since we moved and his new room had a fan, he will sleep anywhere from 40-90minutes usually twice a day. (I am in heaven about it at the moment!) Also try a bottle (or breastfeed) before laying him down. A full tummy always helps!

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Hi Tara
I totally agree with the white noise. We use a air cleaning system. It cleans the room and the low fan helps block the noise out from TV and other children playing. My first only ever slept about 40 min to 11/2 hours and my second sleeps about 2 to 3 hours. But this wasn't until about 6 months or so.Try making his room a little dark especially is light shines on him. Hope this helps.

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Add some white noise to his room and pull the shades to make it a little darker. He's also pretty young and his sleeping patterns are likely to change. I'd lay him down exactly the same time everyday so that his naps are on a schedule. Once he is older you may be able to keep him awake and he'll nap longer and less often. I played with my son to keep him awake and I finally got him down to 2 longer naps a day and eventually just one nap.

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Hi Tara,

I would suggest that you try putting a fan on in his room to help block out any other kind of noise that he might hear. I have tried this and it has helped me out a little. What I mean is that I have 18 month old twin girls and it help one of my girls to sleep longer, but I still have one that does not sleep that well. I do have a friend that truely believe in the fan because it has helped both of her kids sleep for naps and at night time. I mean they sleep like to almost 9 in the am and still take about a 2-3 hour nap a day. I hope that this might help you out. Good Luck!


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Nicole - posted on 06/30/2009




I don't think you can! Is he napping 40 mins at a time during the day or sleeping for 40 mins at a time at night? My son is almost 7 months old and takes 3-4 30-40 min naps a day. I actually like it that way as opposed to one long nap. I can get more done and it keeps me from having to entertain for an extended period of time!

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