5 month old baby just figured out how to roll over and move in crib - and now won't sleep...

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My five month old boy discovered that he could roll onto his side and tummy while in his crib 2 nights ago and he is now sleeping even worse than he was before. Should I let him be and hope that things get better or should I be trying to prevent him from moving around so much with sleep positioners??


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My son is also doing this, I have a sheep (i don't know what it is called) that my cousin gave to me, It is a plush adjustable sheep that keeps him in place. Also I sometimes tuck him in tight and if he is tired enough he won't move lol! I always give Joshua 10-15 to console himself, and usually he flips himself over, after the 15 minutes I go in and reflip him and tuck him in, and play his mobile. He will fall fast asleep.

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