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Kelsey - posted on 08/07/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 5 year olds teacher told me my daughter sometimes lacks concentration during working activities. She at times does this when we practicing counting etc at home, she isn't hyperactive, she is friendly, quiet, and when she wants to be outspoken. Her teacher also said she might need extra help and she can't provide that for her. My daughter was in a special ed class for prek but that was because she needed speech and she did regular prek in the afternoon and did just fine. She knows letters, numbers, shapes , how to follow directions, she just spaces out. She still does speech for an hour

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue, I get frustrated because she does so well at home then gets to school and gets like a space cadet at times, and I don't want that to affect her, or make them think she doesn't know it when she does.


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Priscille - posted on 08/11/2015




Hi Kelsey,

I worked as a special needs teachers for 10 years and have seen many students with exactly the same issue.

She can be spacing out for many reasons but I wouldn't sweat it too much. What I've found most common in these cases is that school work is sometimes a little monotonous and boring for some children as we live in a fast paced world where they are used to seeing lots of images and changing things, and some children simply put themselves into a 'more interesting' imaginary world by spacing out! It is absolutely normal.

If it does impact her learning, and it seems to be if the teacher recommends extra help, you can help her by playing some learning games with her at home. This is how I work with children and how I recommend parents to work too. Children love games and they are more exciting and fun. It keeps their attention way longer and they learn a lot at the same time.

On the long run it will also have an impact on her behavior at school because she can then associate learning with something fun and the more she become confident in her skills, the better she will respond to school work too.

Hope that helps.

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