5 year old just started having potty issues

Brandie - posted on 04/09/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




hi ladies, i just needed a little bit of insight on this new little issue we're having. my daughter is 5 years old and has never had any potty problems. she was very easily potty trained and thankfully never had any bed wetting issues. well last week she came home from school in different clothes cause she had an accident at school, then this morning i woke her up and seen that she had wet the bed. i was very understanding of this and told her that it was an accident and these things happen but i'm slightly confused. why is this happening now? twice in one week? does anybody have some insight? thanks so much



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Brandie - posted on 04/14/2010




thanks ladies!! all of this has helped.. she had another accident the other night. i am still making sure she knows that it's only an accident as i know well that this can be very embarrassing! i used to have uti and bladder problems when i was younger a lot! but there are a few big changes going on also..me and her dad have busted up and gotten back together a lot over the last year.. this last time was the longest at 4 months almost.. but we're back together and we're happier now then we have been in the ten years we've been together.. madison is home more so this may be what the issue is. thanks everybody for their insight on this!

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It's the age and CHANGE can do it also. All the other replies are also correct. It's a collaboration of it all. My 5 yr old does the same thing in regards to not taking the time to use the potty that I have to remind her throughout the day. I know at school they have potty breaks so that helps. But at home she will have an accidents here and there. But I also know that changes in their life will do it too. Mentally they have a issue with a change and the frustration or behavior response is wetting the bed. Just keep affirming her, keep reminding her to use the potty and just keep the communication flowing. Your doing a good job mom......

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cuz she is 5 and everything else in this big world is so much more important that having to go pee....it sounds normal..watch her play..good chance you will see her dancing with her legs together but heaven forbid she takes that break to pee.....at school everything if more important..good chance during the night she was either in a deep sleep or was dreaming....for a few nights I kept waking up in my bed to find it wet,then to smell it it was pee...well one night my son got up,pushed on me when he got up so it woke me..i watched him..he put his hand on the wall and grabbed at his penis to hold and was about to pee...OMG he thought he was in the bathroom..he was dreaming..I startled him awake and he went pee upstairs....he was 5!

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It could be stress, hayfever (thank you spring), constipation, a growth spurt. Just remind her to try to use the potty when you can during the day and always before bed. You can restrict her fluids in the evening until this passes too.

If it doesn't go away soon, or she complains of pain, get her to the doctor. She may have a UTI or bladder infection. Hope this helps.

Alexis - posted on 04/09/2010




I'm living with my sister and two of her sons have been wetting the bed lately also. Her doctor said that it's just that age where they are so caught up in playing and don't want to stop to go to the bathroom during the day. And at night - the signal between the head and the bladder isn't connecting right and the kid doesnt realize that they need to get up and go potty. Her doctor said that its pretty common in kids until their about 10 or 11. If anything else, you can always call your doc and get his oppionion on it.

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