6 weeks and spotting!!

Jennifer - posted on 01/26/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm pragnant with baby # 4 and the day after I took a test I started spotting!! It went on for about 12 days( light, heavy, off and on) and then was gone for about 3 days and last night it came back and stoped again! I have done about 4 HCG level test and they keep double each time!! Has this happen to anyone else?? It's driving me crazy!!


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Jennifer - posted on 01/26/2010




I would go to your doc to have everything checked out. It could be nothing (I spotted with my first for a couple days), but it could also be something that needs a doctors intervention. Better to be cautious.

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I spotted alot with my 4th pregnancy, later in the pregnancy though (3rd trimester) After my baby was born i had very heavy bleeding (off and on constantly!)and was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst. Not trying to scare you but that was my experience. Usually they can detect that in an ultrasound but they missed it during mine. I did notice though that i had a very tender spot on my left side just inside my hip bone (in between my uterus and hip bone) and that when i lay on that side it was VERY uncomfortable. my daughter was born pre-maturely (i had a low laying placenta which eventually turning into a placenta abruption which was unrelated to the cyst) at 34 weeks but quite healthy at 5lbs 3oz. Try to take it easy as much as possible and rest when you can. Hope it works out for your baby, Congrats!

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