6 year old is having accidents REGULARLY!!

Alexis - posted on 05/19/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 6 year old duaghter about 3 months ago started having aciddents. Peeing her pants. It started at school then she started doing it while playing outside with her friends. Then this week she came home twice from school and had pooped herself. I dont know what to make of this. I have talked to her teacher and her teacher doesnt understand it either. I have tried grounding her, making her sit in it, talking with her, yelling at her, ignoring it. I dont know what to do! I had her looked at by a doctor and nothing is wrong with her physically. Any suggestions??


Kristin - posted on 05/19/2010




I agree with what Tracey had to say. It certainly couldn't hurt to try what she did with hers, just modify the reward to what really motivates your daughter. It could be candy, pennies, or stickers on a calendar.

At school, she may need to have a couple of regular potty breaks for a few weeks too.

Also, have you asked her what's going on?


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Tracey - posted on 05/19/2010




my daughter has now turned 5 in april and from february till the end of march we had the same problem. we tried everything from taking away the t.v. to spanking (which we really try to avoid) and we did the same thing we took her to the doctor. i mean was talked about it she used to watch elmo go potty until the movie no longer played and played the online game so i would remind her that elmo says to stop whatever it is you are doing when you get the feeling you have to go and to go in the potty. that did not work. and then it was like i had been struck by lightening. my daughter love's m&m's and out of the blue i came up with a game. i told her if she could go without an accident she would get 2 m&m's after dinner regardless of if she was told no dessert. just 2 and her goal was to not have the accident and if she did have one mommy would get her two m&m's and every accident after that the amount of m&m's i got would go up till we reached 10 and then daddy would start in with 2 for him and 10 for me. i also told her that after dinner the game would restart mean she got her 2 and to win she had to not have an accident and after dinner the next day she got 2. i also added that when she went pee before bed that she had to tell me what color it was, that way we knew she was getting enough water and was going potty enough, she loved to tell me it was clear. i mean we were driving home and she panicked and told me she had to go potty, right now. and i stopped somewhere and took her to the bathroom and she was so happy she looked at me and said i did not have an accident so i still get my 2 m&m's after dinner. and was just so proud of herself. the silly little game worked. i mean for easter my mom sent me a couple of big bags of m&m's. we have not stopped the game cuz we have just forgotten about it but it so worked she has been accident free. i mean i know you daughter is 6 so m&m's might not work, but try some candy and if you don't allow her to have candy offer her maybe a nickel/dime or something and tell her when she collects a lot of them you can take her to the store to by herself a toy. but if she has an accident then she has to give you the coin. i mean start it out by giving her one to start and then she pays you for the accident or you just keep the coin yourself.

its the fact that it makes them think. since she is having the accidents as school it mean she is getting to busy with whatever she is going. like playing with her friends and she just does not want to miss something by going to the bathroom. i started to realize the trend. i told my daughter she can stop her movie or tell her friends that she had to go to the bathroom but would be right back and she actually started to listen to it. i told her no one would be mad at her if she told them she was going to the bathroom and would be right back. to this day she will tell me if were are having mom and me time she has to go to the potty but will be right back and to wait for her. hope all goes well with your little one.

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