6 year old refusing to eat!

Joelle - posted on 12/07/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 6 and a picky eater. I was fine with the picky eating at first but now it's turned into him not even wanting the foods he would eat before. I've done it all. Made him sit at the table, sent him to bed early, take things away.. It doesn't work. He will cry or the other day he fake coughed the whole time we were out to eat. I know it was fake because he didn't have a cough before or after dinner. I'm worried and have spoke to a doctor. She said she'd send us to a dietician but if I can't get him to eat, what will that do? I've asked him if anything is bothering him and he says no. I've become extremely concerned resorting to telling him I'm going to take him to the hospital to get a feeding tube put in. I don't know what to do! Any other moms going through this and any tips on what to do? Thank you.


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I have 3 boys. My middle child is 5. He is also my picky He has gone from eating a whole plate, eating 2 bites of something to refusing to eat anything. I try to get him to eat 3 bites of all that is on his plate. I will admit that I will make sure I have "plain" food to give him. His taste buds are sensitive and he does not care for any thing to spicey or rich tasting. So, if I make chicken with a little kick to the sauce. I will leave out some chicken with NO sauce. Or if I know we are having veggies that he does not care for. I will also add veggies that he likes. Now this may look like I am favoring or adding to his pickyness. However, he is also my "little" guy he has a hard time keeping weight on. I also don't need a battle at the dinner table if a few quick tricks can help.
With all this said, I have gotten to the point. Because after dinner he is the first to ask for a snack or food....and then of course my other two want something. So, we do have these rules in place: No treats if dinner was not eaten (most of it , if not all), No snacks other food after dinner. If you are hungry, I can heat up your plate for dinner. No more meals/food/drink after 7pm. For many reasons.
I also try not to stress over it, if he is hungry he will EAT. If he goes to bed a little hungry...he will eat all of his breakfast. I should say if he didn't eat dinner...I always make a extra BIG breakfast for him the next morning. All my kids have a healthy snack after school as well. So, I try to remember it is not like he has not eaten ANYTHING all day...he just didn't eat a big meal at dinner time.


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