7mon old boy still not sleeping thru the night?!?

Melissa - posted on 06/15/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a 7mon old boy who still wakes up 2-3 times a night. How do I get him to sleep thru the night. He a big boy and eats alot. He goes to bed full...so hes not hungry. I really would like to sleep..sometime. Any ideas?


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Christy - posted on 06/17/2010




Give it until he is at least 11-12 months old. This is normal. You may also need to feed him an hour before you put him to bed the first time, so some of the food is digested.

Danielle - posted on 06/17/2010




sorry Melissa. My son is 3 and just started sleeping through the night about four weeks ago. Some kids are just sleepers and some are not. It's normal for a 7 month old to wake up, especially if breastfed. Just take it one day at a time and nap when the baby is napping during the day so you are able to keep up with him at night.
Sometimes there are going to be nights when you are sitting on the floor of his room and rocking him all night. Been there, done that! Just give him the attention he is craving when he wakes. Maybe he has a little seperation anxiety from you. how about sharing your bed or having his crib near your bed? maybe sleep on the floor of his room so he knows you are near him? There were months and months and months where i would rock him all ngiht and we'd sleep in the rocker together.

Angelina - posted on 06/16/2010




Im having the same problem right now. Im blaming it on teething right now. some sleep would be really nice tho!

Bonnie - posted on 06/16/2010




I understand, had two babies that did the same, one had colic, the other kept waking up from teething...Take naps if you can while baby naps. Also make sure that during the day, his bedroom isn't as dark as it is at night. Use infant orajel if he is teething, or use a clean wet cloth, that has been put into the freezer on his gums. Maybe he needs some infant tylenol for teething pain?
Is he too warm at night?
I find that I can't sleep well if it is too warm in my room. Also some white noise, like a fan helps me sleep, babies love that too.

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My Daughter is 16 months and still doesn't sleep through the night, when she does wake up she is up for 2 hrs. We had a period after I stopped nursing (at 14 months) she slept through the night but she started to get her eye teeth (k9) and she is up now just about every night. I know she will go back to sleeping through the night she just has to be ready to do it.

Cyndi - posted on 06/16/2010




I understand. My son is 12 months old and he still doesn't sleep through the night. He has maybe a handful of times. It seems the more active he gets the better he sleeps. He also was very affected by teething. So he would wake often due to that. Are you a stay at home mom or do you work? If you are a stay at home mom, is he your only one? I would suggest laying down to rest or sleep while he naps, if he naps during the day, even if you are getting only a few minutes or an hour here an hour there, it is helpful. Can your husband help out with night waking up? Hang in there.

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