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Kim - posted on 04/03/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, my son is 8 months 1 week born @ 37 weeks. He is a very smart little guy, he rolls both ways, currently doing the army crawl but has started to crawl on knees over the past couple days and today he decided he wants to get up on his hands and feet. He loves to pull himself into the sitting and standing positions. So he is reached all his physical milestones. But he does not babble. He is a fairly quiet little guy. I may be overly concerned, I have read that allot of babies are not babbling at this age. He went through the squealing stage for about a month then got quiet right before he started to crawl. Now he says "ahhhhh" "hi" and I have heard "mommom" a couple times, na and da. And I think he has even said "no" once or twice. He hums himself to sleep( since I have always done this) and he makes lots of closed mouth noises. He also loves to make the clicking noise with his tongue. He has never really blown raspberries- just spit bubbles. My concern is that I see him moving his mouth trying to say "dadadada" but no sound comes out. I am not sure if this is progress or cause for concern. I don't know if anyone else's little on mouthed words with no sound before. His 9 month appointment is in 3 weeks and I plan to speak to my pediatrician at that time. I was just wondering if any other mothers have experienced this. He is a very loving, affectionate boy and communicates in every other way besides babbling. Has great eye contact and loves playing games like pat-a-cake and peekaboo. Knows when I say "daddy's home" and "do you cant up" or "its bath time". It's just the "mouthing" of the words have me concerned..he does go through little spurts where he will babble for like a minute then just start playing again.


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I don't think you have anything to be concerned about. He sounds perfectly fine from my experience both as a mom and as a childcare provider(I have a degree in Child Development). Some babies just have a harder time with certain sounds. I would ask your pediatrician for your own peace of mind but I really don't think there is reason for concern.

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