8 month old not sleeping thru the night anymore

Ara - posted on 03/11/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi! I have an 8 month old that just started waking up again every night. Before, I could just give her a pacifier and she'd go back to sleep. Now the only thing that will get her back to sleep is a bottle. She eats 3 meals, has 6 bottles, and one snack durning the day. I'm not sure if she's getting her first tooth or what. Please help! :)


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Melissa - posted on 03/11/2009




My daughter did the same thing at around 8 months and I think it was because of a growth spurt... she work up all the time for a couple weeks wanting a bottle.. then just suddenly stopped... and went back to sleeping through the night no problem. Just hang in there... I bet in a couple weeks baby will be back to sleeping through the night again... and then a couple months later you will go through a similar routine.. now its teething so my daughter doesn't want a bottle at all ... just want me to comfort her and some tylenol... and then she goes back to sleep .

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It could be a growth spurt also.  My son did the same thing at the same age and for him it was a combination of teething and going through a growth spurt.  I don't have my baby book handy but I'm pretty sure he was around 8 months when he got his first tooth also.  He's 16 months old now and cutting 4 molars at the same time....that sometimes wakes him in the night too. 

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My son is 15 months and I found that during periods of teething he would wake for a few nights and then he woould be fine...if you suspect she is teething, which at 8 mths she probably is, give her a small dose of Tylenol (check with your doc) and try letting her cry it out for a little bit. It doesn't take long for a baby to figure out that you will come running. If her cry is very distressing then certainly go in and take care of her..but if it is simply waking up wait it out and see if she will go back to sleep on her own....my son, as stubborn as he is, would usually wear himself out after about 20-30 minutes...way more torturous for me than it was for him...Good Luck!


Anna Marie - posted on 03/11/2009




My 8 month old just started waking up again too!  Last night she slept though, thankfully.  I don't think her problem is teething though... she doesn't seem to be in pain.  I think it was a hunger thing for her, I gave her an extra snack before bed and it seemed to do the trick.

Ara - posted on 03/11/2009




 I'll have to stock up on the teething gel/tablets and have them ready for tonight. :) Thanks for your advise. I really appreciate it!

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It is quite likely that a tooth is coming through. That is what happened with my son when he got his teeth. Try rubbing her gums with teething gel or teething tablets (my son hated the teething gel). That will cut the edge of the pain so she can get back to sleep (hopefully!) Good luck.

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