8 yo son rubbing on sofa arm

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Hello everyone, just looking for some advice. I have an 8 yo son, who recently I have been catching my son doing something very strange. My son will go and get newspapers from the kitchen table, mostly the ones that are still in the bags like when they are delivered and he will take them to the sofa. There he pulls down his pants and lays over the sofa arm while holding the newspapers in his hands and will rub his pee pee on the sofa arm. He doesn't know that I catch him doing this and I have not said anything to him. Please help, what do I do?


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Hi, thank you for your advice. I am not mad him or upset. I just don't know what this all about with the newspapers and the things he moans. Is it appropriate for his age?

Gaqomanof - posted on 02/16/2015




Hello there Diana,
I would suggest that you sit down with your son and talk it out. There is no other way around, but keep calm and don't loose your temper. The other think that I would think is also check out if he accidentally has come in contact with adult program! Just don't forget that you talking to a little boy and the only way to find out what's going on is to make him feel comfortable around you and in this way you won't hurt him emotionally! No matter what you find out keep your calm all the time so this doesn't push him away from you!....

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