8m old allergic to proteins in cow milk? anyone else?

Dzoara - posted on 04/09/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I bf my baby till he was 7, since he was 6 I started slowly weaning him, then he got a rash that I tought it was a fungus since I goy some infection from washing my hands to much and not drying them correctly. The dr, tought so too and gave him a antimicotic cream, but after a month it didnt go away and he also got like diarrea that smell really bad, haha. So the Dr. tough it was maybe the milk and change to a milk that has partially hidrolized proteins. But Im not sure this is it. Anyone elses kid with this problem??


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Amy - posted on 04/10/2010




either go back to breastfeeding if possible or try a different formula..do not use cows milk at all...There are many different formulas out there and you may have to try different ones for a wk at a time..if he has a smelly frothy poop (looks as if it was mixed with milk and put in the blender kind of look) then it sounds like an inolterance and you may have to try many kids of Soy formulas...It will be a trial and error thing....But you need to do each thing for a wk at a time and when he starts eating its 3 days to a wk per new food to watch our for an allergy..an allergy usually happens after the 3 rd try.

Dzoara - posted on 04/10/2010




thanks for the info, its not gallon milk im giving him is the formula but they are made from cow milk, only the soy milk isnt.

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I dont' know where you live or what your situation is ,but i was always under the impression that a child under age 1 yr should be on some kind of formula-which doesn't have the same proteins as cow milk i don't think...

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Remove it from his diet. If the problem goes away, you have your answer.

If you can, get him back on the breast or pumped milk. If not, formula is perfectly fine. You will want to try out a few kinds to see if he reacts. You can get coupons for most out there, just go to their websites. This is all they really need until one anyway. The other foods are to explore them and to learn to use their mouths for something other than sucking.

Stop giving him the cow's milk and wait until he is fully one year old to try again. You may actually want to see an allergist for this. In the mean time, if you want to introduce other milk like products, there are soy, rice, and hemp milks for a plant based choice. There is also goat or sheeps milks available too. You just need to shop/call around and see what works best for your baby. There will be lots of cheese and yogurt choices of these kinds too. Go slowly with the introductions of new things. Personally, I would hold off on any milk type something until he is one.

I have allergies to dairy, wheat, and a few other things. So my shopping is complicated and I can't function without an antihistamine.

hope this helps.

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