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Hi all, I have a nine months old baby. I want to ask how can I make his sleeping routine? I mean he's unable to sleep when I want him to sleep, and cant stop him from sleeping at odd times of the day. Please suggest me some tips and also help me in making him eat solid food, as he doesn't like eating these days perhaps due to teething. He's my first child thats why having difficulty in handling him. thanks


Julie - posted on 07/03/2016




When you want him to stay awake keep showing him things and walking him around to keep him awake and happy. For instance, my daughter loved when I would walk her around the house or yard telling her about different items we saw and letting her touch them. Or when I would open the closet and let her feel the different textures of my clothes and I would talk to her describing what she was feeling, the color, really whatever I could think of to say. Keep him engaged in whatever you can get him interested in until you get close to when you want him to sleep or he just gets too grumpy. As far as eating is concerned, if teething is the problem keep trying cold things and whatever you think would feel good on his gums. Frozen purée or yogurt drops were one of my daughter's favorites. If your baby can suck through a straw you could make smoothies just to get some nutrients in him. I couldn't get my daughter to eat veggies, but when I made a smoothie and acted like it was mine she just had to have it for fear she was missing out on something. Ha so maybe just act like whatever food you want him to eat is for you so he thinks its special grown up food and he has to have it! Well, I hope at least one of these ideas is helpful. I hope all goes well!

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