9 Month old won't drink water and only eats stage 2 food....

Melissa - posted on 03/07/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've tried getting Bella to drink water from a bottle, numerous sippy cups, and even off a spoon, she's just turns her nose up at it. Should I be worried or is formula enough for her?

Right now she will only comfortably eat stage 2 foods. I have given her mashed potatoes and she seems okay with that, but when I offer stage 3 or table food she eithers gags or pushes it out with her tongue. I have even made very tender veggies and mashed them for her and she actually choked (scariest thing ever).

I just feel that at this age she should basically be on only table food without it being completely pureed. Do/has any other moms have/had the same problems with their LO's?

Should I just let her guide me and she'll let me know when she's ready?

Oh should probably mention she only has 2 teeth.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Karen - posted on 03/07/2011




I always say, do what's best for your family... no one can choose what is best better than you. I mostly get cues from my children whether or not they are ready for the next step, but sometimes it's a rebellion issue. (and I mean that in the sense that something could be wrong that they don't understand and they are lashing out any way they can to get the problem taken care of) There could be an underlying issue that is causing the behavior. In those cases, depending on their verbal skills, I try to discuss with them and Daddy what the problem is, and get it fixed. During this time, if the issue is too sensitive, we don't push them to go on, but if it is critical in their development, or in issues of hygiene, and cleanliness, we are firm about them doing what needs to be done, while still trying to figure out what caused the rebellion.

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