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the best advice I ever got. . .take the names you are thinking about it and go around hollering it out in different tones. Like out the door to call your child in, from the bottem of the stairs to the next level looking for them, in a rewarding/happy tone and a diciplinary tone. You'll be doing that for the next 18 years anyway, pick one that sounds best!!

On a more serious note, My hubby and I have used similar sounding patterns to name our children. 3 sylabol first name, 2 for the second and our last is 1. And we also consider the meanings of the names we are considering. That being said, we are also struggling to find a good fit name for our third due in Feb. So good luck!!

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yes, I like the idea of saying/calling the name out. Also check that the initials don't spell out something undesireable. try to think of all the possible nicknames and if you are happy with them (people will shorten a long name and lengthen a short one!) I would also try to avoid using the same first initial as you, your husband or your first child to avoid confusion

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Congrats! I really like the name Isabelle or Isabella...I think Isabella DeGroff sounds nice.

Good Luck!

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I really like the sound of Ava lee DeGroff, i think that has a nice ring, or flow to it.

Angela - posted on 01/01/2010




I love the name Leah but I have a friend called Leah. We named our baby Brooklyn but our other choices were Addison, Lexi, Jovi, McKenzie, Raidyn, Elliot, Audrey or Emmerson. Im a firm believer in using the middle name as another family/close friends name and I think a short name sounds better with DeGroff. Leah DeGroff has a nice ring to it.

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Have you checked out www.babynamegenie.com? It's a really cool site to help you with your name decision! You can start a poll and people can vote and let you know what their opinions of your name choices are. It's quite neat and give you lots of ideas!

PS. Clara Leigh is really cute :)!

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