A Different Kind of Paci Fairy

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I am so frustrated right this minute. My son has 5 pacifiers...FIVE and he's having a fit right now, not wanting to take a nap, because I can't find ANY of the paci's. I do a paci count every day and as of last night I had 3 of the 5. I don't know what the heck he DOES with them and I'm just so....I wanna scream right now. I think the last time I had all the paci's was about 2 weeks ago. I'll never forget seeing them all nice and clean on the counter in the kitchen. See, when I give him one and he loses it, I'll go find it and keep track of it. But not my husband, nooooo. He just grabs a clean one and next thing I know I'm where I am now and I'm just so sick of it. I know this probably sounds trivial to most of you and maybe it is. Part of me wonders if this is my son's way of telling me he doesn't want them anymore but then he throws a fit like just now because he has none. I've sworn I'm not buying anymore but I can just see myself sprinting through Target later to buy one when I can't stand it anymore. In all the months of bottle feeding with Dr. Brown's bottles, I never ONCE lost a part of any of the bottles. So why can't I keep track of the paci's? I've torn my relatively clean house up twice today looking but I swear, they aren't here. I think there is a paci fairy...an evil paci fairy...who sneaks into my house at night and collects them and hides them in the walls or something and then peers out at me through a light socket, giggling softly to himself as he watches me hunt.......sigh........thanks, I feel better. Anyone else even come close to understanding this particular frustration?


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Anissa - posted on 04/19/2009




Yes.. I super understand this one. I actually took my daughters paci's away for good about 3 weeks ago and it was rough for a few nights.. but I am so glad to be done with those silly paci's... Oh and my kid is 4!!! It was way overdue... Good luck and know one day the paci fairy can come and take them away forever! :)

Victoria - posted on 04/18/2009




LOL, my daughter always misplaces hers! She has her paci and her "bankie", that she needs a lot... She does fine with out them, but when she gets cranky or tired...time to find them. It is always a game to try and find them...
I agree with you, there must be some paci fairy out there, cause I never seem to find them. I have like 5 of them, and then her little brother too. He isn't as bad, cause he doesn't hide them on me, just leaves them in his crib...

Stacy - posted on 04/17/2009




I completely understand... my daughter has two for night time and I seem to always be looking for them even though her room is small and has hardly anything in it. I hate it even more at 3am when I role out of bed to feed her and she has hidden both of them and I am waaaayyyy to tired to try and look for them, but she wont go to bed without one :( But I am working on getting rid of them... I broke my husband of giving a paci except at bed times and car rides! Maybe you need to hide the pacis from your husband? Make him search for the one your son lost or listen to your son cry.

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