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Beck - posted on 05/09/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My little girl keeps playing with her private bits, when we wipe her clean when changing her nappy she says it tickles and then when sitting on the couch will play with them. How do I stop her from doing it because I am scared it will become a really awkward situation if she decides to do it in public.She is 2 years and 3 months


Kelli - posted on 05/10/2010




I read somewhere that they will do it no matter what you say, but that if you explain to them that we don't touch ourselves in front of others (only in the bedroom, bathroom, etc.) that that should help the situation. They do it because it feels good, nothing unusual, but you definitely don't want her doin it in public, people may get the wrong idea. :) :) GOOD LUCK! :)

Cheri - posted on 05/10/2010




DON'T make her feel bad about it. Its 100% normal just let her know that its ok to play but she should do it in the bathroom or her bedroom. That its not nice to play when other people are around. If you see her doing it just remind her that she can do but she needs to go in another room and do it. If you say things like STOP, Don't, thats nasty she well grow up to be ashamed of her girlys and as much as parent don't like to think about it. Your little girl will become a woman and something as little as that can have a HUGE affect on her sex life when she gets older. Because she will still fell that its nasty and she is doing something wrong.


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Amanda - posted on 05/13/2010




jenelle muir is right it is a stage, it is naural for kids to explore, bothmy kids do it,5yr boy, 7yr girl special needs. I explain that its innappropriate in front ofothers and if they must do it, then go to your room where i can't see it, or anyone else. so far its working. but iva also given them a 15 min timelimit as well. just keep reminding her not to be doing it in front of others, especially in public places.

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i like what Chelle asked "it does make me wonder whether you would feel so uncomfortable about your little boy doing the same thing- if you had one?"

you sorta expect it from a boy, and not from a girl. not entirely sure why that is, like why should a girl "know better"? and why is it so much more of a bigger deal if a little girl displays this behavior?

i do fell for you though, its difficult when your child displays a behavior you dont approve of, but its normal for them to challenge us that way. Unfortunately this manifested its self for you in a very awkward behavior...

I think you need to have a good think on the issue, read up about it and decide what you will and what you wont accept her to do, that way you will sound more convincing when you try to discipline (or not) her for it, and she'll be more likely to listen. At the moment it sounds a bit like you're not too sure where you stand on the subject.

Louise - posted on 05/11/2010




She is just exploring her body that is all and most children do it. Just tell her we don't do that --------! Lets play with lego! Distraction is what is needed. It is a phase and it will pass.

Chelle - posted on 05/10/2010




it does make me wonder whether you would feel so uncomfortable about your little boy doing the same thing- if you had one?

Mine often wants to have a touch or fiddle of his when he is being changed and once the nappy is on, hes no longer interested. Its just part of natural exploration and yes i agree, important for your opinions about this being a negative thing to not translate to her.

Beck - posted on 05/10/2010




at the moment I have told her to stop playing with them, I don't tell her it is okay to do in private or anything. I just find it really hard telling a toddler she can do it... She shares a room with an older sibling so I'm not sure the in your own room comment might help there... I don't know I just feel weird about her doing it at all I guess

Gina - posted on 05/10/2010




It's totally normal,just remind her that she shouldn't "explore "herself in public,but in her room in private is fine.

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i heard that teaching them this is something they can do in the privacy of their own room helps.

Jenelle - posted on 05/10/2010




Honestly, it is a normal thing for them to do! I would just casually remind her when you see her doing it, that it isn't appropriate, and get her doing something else. It is just natural curiosity, and by nature humans are sexual beings. It will pass!

Myra - posted on 05/09/2010




My 2yr old has begun discovering her girl parts, too. It's not really something to entirely discourage at this point. Since it bothers the parents more than the child, what I've done with my daughter is tell her that's her "tootie" and only she can touch it except when she is being wiped after going potty because we have to wipe it to keep her clean, and it is not appropriate to touch it if she has clothes on. So far, so good.

Most kids are too interested in what's going on when they are out in public to touch themselves then. But if she does, just tell her that is not something you do around people. The only time that I've heard of kids really doing that is when they are being potty trained and they need to go to the bathroom.

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