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UGH!!! Time to vent. I have been very sick all day. I refused to take my temp, because I knew I had one and just needed to take some tylenol and get my stuff done today. I had to take my 7 month old for a re-check after wheezing last week, and I couldn't even delay it for one day, because the doc is starting vacation tomorrow. I had to make our car payment, and needed to get some groceries. I knew I needed to hold it together for those things, then I could come home. When I got home, I almost collapsed on the floor. My fever was 103.4, I was shaking and dizzy, and my tonsils are swollen to the size of golf balls (I actually go to an ENT tomorrow to see about getting them out, because this is the 4th time in 2 months). My husband got home just shortly afterwards, but of course I still had to make supper and feed the baby though she's bottle fed. I tried to get a little sleep, but that was almost impossible since he just sat at the computer and let our older kids make as much noise as they felt like. The baby was fussing a little, but not crying, so he just left her there in the exersaucer right in front of my recliner! then because I told the boys to stop throwing a ball against the wall ( doesn't help a headache) he threw a fit. I still had to wash all the bottles, and am trying to get the kids to bed while he sleeps! GRRRRRRRr I know he has to get up around 4am, but why is it too much to ask for a little help when I'm feeling this bad? Sorry for the rant, just a little ticked right now. My temp came down to 102.3 with tylenol and I just took some motrin and am going to go rock my baby to sleep and pray that she sleeps all night!


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Since the title of your post is asking for help.... I can only assume you would like us to hire you a hitman. ;)

I'm sorry!! I hope you are better soon!!


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point out to him that you will only get your kids sick if you are up and about and making their meals/bottles. he can call in sick.

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Bah I agree. Men can be so annoying like that, how they don't take it upon themselves to go above the call of duty aka what we absolutely demand they do. My husband does stuff but ti's always the bare minimum of what I've asked and if he sees me struggling it's like he's emotionally blind to it. Until I start yelling at him.

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Your marriage needs help. It may not be extreme, but you need more support. I highly recommend the book, "His Needs, Her Needs for Parents" and "Love Busters" by Dr. Willard Harley. His program saved my marriage! I highly recommend it. You can probably find the books used on amazon for cheaper than new. Do it right away, don't delay! When my hubby and I went through the program, we'd spend Sunday evenings together reading one chapter and discussing it, then implementing what we'd learned throughout that week. We'd also discuss the previous week and what we still need to work on pertaining to previous topics. I'm betting his needs aren't being met either.


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sounds like time for a talk with your husband about sharing the parenting, the housework and giving you a respite - time to yourself. He is equally the parent of these children and is responsible for caring for them. He is your husband and presumably cares about your needs.
while this might not help today, having a calm talk when both are you are calm and the kids are taken care of can be a big help.

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awww soo sorry you aren't feeling well! I know it sucks as an adult than it does when we were young! Your fever is just a way that your body is telling you "there is an infection," viral etc... i use ibuprofen at least 500 mg to get me by! I start to feel a little better then yes I do have my one SK so i cant say i have kids, My BIO child is sometimes here 4 days a week , but yes tell your hubby look I can do this and that, but can you do the rest , take yourself a nice warm cool shower with something that will bring downthat fever, helps with the chills, drink plenty of fluids! Just tell yourself that your "by yourself," and these kids need me granted your ill! (thats if you dh wont help!)
So sorry I know its irritating and you just wish for it all to be better hang in there!

Brianna - posted on 05/17/2011




i no the feeling seems like my hubby is always a jerk on the worst days

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