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Erin - posted on 09/13/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




it is currently 4:15 am where i live, i am awake right now because i just had to give my 3 year a bath because she threw up all over herself. my 8 month old daughter doesn't seem to be able to sleep unless she is nursing and my oldest daughter is celebrating her 6th birthday tommarrow. her cake is only half done, i had pland on getting up early to finish it. with all this going on i have found myself unable to fall asleep, i just lay there staring at the ceiling.. my husband is out of town working, my oldest somehow ended up taking over my bed, the middlr wants to cuddle and the baby wants to nurse, i want to cry!~does anybody elsr ever have nights like this?


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Gee Cloe thats awful that you cry yourself to sleep,im sorry that its that hard for you.I also want to tell you that it wont be this hard forever,your baby will eventually start to sleep better, i promise you that, as i have been in your shoes.

Must be very hard on your own though,you are doing a fantastic job also as i have told Erin.Im glad that you have us mums to give you some one to talk to at your lonely times if your friends have stoped coming over.you are also doing a great Job and should be very proud of your self. I hope that your baby will start to sleep real soon..:-)

Chloe - posted on 09/14/2009




hey Erin, my son dont want to sleep for long iam luck if i get 3 hours asleep every night , iam up and donw all night with him. iam alone all the time with my son, his dad works away 5 and half days a week. when i had my son every one stop coming and seeing me. i feel so alone it and i some time cry myself to sleep. its hard being a mum. i know it get better but when i like to know


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WOW. Just as i read ur post it was 4.14 am here. I also cant sleep because my oldest woke up with backpains and my youngest cant get to sleep. Its their first day back at school in a couple of hours after being on holiday and I have given up on the idea of getting any sleep tonight. Just thought id share because it seems spookily coincidental. But then I suppose theres more of us in the same boat than we realize.

Lisa - posted on 09/13/2009




oooohhhh yes!! ones of the many joys of motherhood lol...but you get through them somehow :)

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you are ver welcome.That is so very true Erin, glad your hubby is coming home and hope your little one gets better soon so you can get even more sleep..good luck :-)

Erin - posted on 09/13/2009




thank you Ann and Tanya, i appreciate you taking the time to talk with me, its nice not to feel so alone, its the next day now and i managed to get a solid 3 hours sleep last night, lol, that was more then i was expecting.my oldest is being very helpful today, the middle is still sick, but the baby is having a good day. daddy is on his way home to bed, he was up all night at work and may have to go back tonight, he is really great though, he'll take the sick one to bed with him and let her watch movies on his lap top. things always seem better in the morning, so, once again, thank you

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Hey there Erin, what a great mum you are,it must be very hard on your own,your kids may not appreciate it now but one day they will and will thank you very everything you have done...

Its hard i know i also have had many a sleepless night,but it does pass and you will start to get sleep so just keep that in the back of your mind on these stressfull nights...you are an inspiration and are doing really well..Happy birthday to your daughter 2...Hope tomorrow night is better for you..:-)

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Dear Erin, I know it can be very hard, but always remember and believe this will end! There will come a time in life when your chilrdren don't need you so much anymore, not so physically I mean. My kids are six, four and two yo and I haven't slept in about five years. But now, I don't have to get up as much anymore. Your daughter won't mind her cake being half ready as long as she feels loved and special. And breastfeeding is the best you can give a child, but you know it won't last forever. So try to sleep, put your worries aside and believe you are a great mom, your kids love you and I promise, all this will pass. Good luck!

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