Abuelita's "help" is derailing my teaching agenda!!!!!

Khitt - posted on 07/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a SAHM of a loving one year old girl. We live with her dad and his mother (Abuelita)! Many people have told me how lucky I am to be a part of Abuelita's family and how she is so nice. Well, nice is relative. It is nice that her goal is to get my girl to stop crying but not when we have just started a meal. Whenever my daughter sees Abuelita, she immediately starts whining because she wants to be held by her. "She just needs comfort", "I'm her attachment", "she is only crying because she hasn't learned how to be ok", and other phrases come out of Abuelita's mouth and I just want to strangle her. Is that bad? Hah! And when I tell her dad that I think his mom is interfering with my goals in child raising, he almost cried but in support for his mother because he says, "She's only trying to help." It has gotten so bad at one point my girl woke up from her nap just a little upset. I got her out of the crib and calmed her down and ran into Abuelita in the hallway. I had my baby say hello and she started throwing a fit because she wanted to go with Abuelita. So I let her for a little bit then I tried to take her back and Abuelita wouldn't let go. I had the top half and she had the bottom half of my baby. I am going crazy!!! I can't figure it out if my momma bear is coming alive and I'm crazy or if Abuelita needs to take a step back and reexamine the role she is commandeering!


Michelle - posted on 07/14/2015




I wouldn't be happy with my MIL being like that.
I think you all need to sit down and discuss the boundaries for her. You are the Mother so you get to say how you want your child to be raised.
It would probably help if you weren't living in the same house though but that all depends on why you are all living together in the first place.

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