Activities and different learning ways for 9 month old.

Cynthia - posted on 08/26/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is crawling, almost stands alone with no support, and takes a few steps with no support.

1. What are some good activities for her?

I taught her how to clap when i say cough, I taught her the finger moves to a song, I also taught her how to fake cough and kiss when I say to do so but I'm having difficulty trying to teach her other things.

2.How can I make her interested in learning how to do other things?

(p.s Doctor said she is on the rang of a 15month old this includes height, weight, and smart)


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Jodi - posted on 08/26/2010




Read, read read read read! Children absorbe SO much just from what you read to them! Don't push her to learn everything you want to teach her. Chances are, the things you're having difficulty teaching her, she already has or will pick up on soon enough, but don't make it a requirement of her to do the things you ask of her. Great activities for a 9 month old include any crawling games, sensory games, such as banging on pots, tupperware, wood bowls or floors and pillows with a wooden spoon to hear the different sounds, giving her a variety of textured items to feel, like sandpaper, cotton, felt, suede etc etc.
As for making her interested in learning how to do new things, she is interested in learning, she just may not be interested in what YOU would like her to learn. Try to watch and see what she tries to do while playing by herself or seems interested in when you read to her or play with her and then go from there. You need to follow her lead more or less! Good luck!
Also, here's the link to my community for moms who want to share activities to do with their children with each other. Check it out and perhaps post your question there!

Erin - posted on 08/26/2010




You could check our and start on her ABC's my daughter loved (and still likes) that site, I started spending time with her on that several times a week around 9months and she knew all her upper case letters by 12months because of it and reading words (sight recognition)by 18months and phonetically around 2. Make sure you're not just teaching her "things" though(she's not a performing monkey hahaha), make sure she's getting socialized with playdates/playgroups/classes like music or swimming several times a week. Kids learn a lot just by interacting and watching other kids so that's crucial. Just taking her out and exploring the world will build those synapses in her brain as well. Of course read to her several times a day and talk to her constantly by describing things(like an adult NOT baby talk) for example when you're making dinner talk about the food, colours and act like your doing a cooking show talking her through every step, give her a bowl and spoons while you're at it.

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