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Hi everyone,

I don't stay at home 24/7 but I am with my son every day and 4 days of the week we both go to Kyle's house and I watch him and my son, Oliver from 7am-5pm.

I'm looking for ideas to keep them busy during the day. We live in south TX and it's already getting HOT outside. Has anyone made their own playdough??

Also any ideas on teaching them how to share with each other?


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Try making edible play-do. I'm sure there's a recipe online. I've been meaning to look for one. We made edible play-do with a special ed class back when I was teaching. Very fun and delicious.

I know it's hot (I'm on South Louisiana, hi neighbor!) so we have a little plastic pool in our back yard. We play in it early in the morning or in the evening when it's a little cooler. Sometimes I bring the bathtub toys to the pool. Great way for you to sit and relax while the kids play. Also, my daughter loves to be chased with the hose. Maybe just let the boys play with the hose pipe!

Books and blocks are always good activities. Last year, I got my daughter a huge color pad (really, as big as she is) and she loved coloring all over it.

Can you drive both boys? If you can, check and see if your local library has children's activities. Our library is great. Just today we went to toddler story time. After wards they always have a coloring sheet for the kids, so I let my daughter color while I chat with other moms. Even if your library doesn't do special things for kids, you can still take the boys there and read to them and let them choose new books to bring home. Sometimes just being in a different setting is great fun for little ones.

Cheri - posted on 06/02/2010




I have made playdough but its more for 3yrs and up! A 1yr old will eat it. Also a 1yr old don't share they can't understand There memory is very short term. They only know the moment, they can't for see what may happen after they do something.
Things you can do with a 1yr old; ring around the rosy, coloring(but watch them they do eat crayons), cars, music/danceing, ect.
Also try giving each child there own toys like for example:
Give each child there own pile of blocks or cars and keep them away from each other. Like one child on this side of the room and the other on this side. At this age they will not play with each other. They may play side by side but not together.

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Pudding finger painting, sand/water table, Tupperware with lids, bubbles. Sensory play like smelling spices or soaps and touch like playing with contact paper, cornstarch and water or play dough. There are recipes online. Paper footprints are also fun and you can encourage sharing by taking turns stepping on the footprints or even paper shapes like circles, triangles etc. Good luck! Age one is soooo much fun!

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I have made my own playdough which is very fun to do with a say a 3yr old but a 1yr old will eat it! lol Also a 1yr old sharing is unlikly your best off buying 2 of everything! You can try playing ring around the rosy, coloring (but watch it they eat crayons), blocks, cars, books, music, ect.

But to teach them to share you can try explaining to them that this child had the toy 1st and then tell them that they will have 2 min to play with the toy then its the other child turn and repeat taking turns every 2 min.

Example: Mom Oliver wont share.
Ok Oliver you need to share with Kyle. So in 2min it will be Kyle turn to play with the toy.
(one min later)
Oliver you have 1 min left then its Kyle turn
(one min later)
OK Oliver its Kyle turn (take the toy away) you can have it back in 2 mins
Keep it to a short time 1yr olds have NO patients. Also keep reminding them how much time they have left to play with the toy. If not exspect a tanstum. There memory is short term. In 2min they will forget. So if you wait 2min and say nothing then take that toy away. Hell will fly! Remind them as much as you can that there time is coming to an end and also make sure you add (1 min untill it so so turn to play with the toy) so they remeber what is happening in so in so time.They wont get it at 1st but if you keep doing it. Over time they will catch on,fast!

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