Activities for 8 month old???

Nichole - posted on 06/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have an 8 month old daughter and I was just wondering if anyone had any great learning and just fun activities to do with her. We need some different stuff to do....we are getting bored with the same stuff day after day. Thanks!!!


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she will love the day to day routine ... but i know how you feel... you really wanna do something different, and just want to stimulate them to learning in new ways all the time. My 9 month old loves me to read to her... so I get out some library books so that she has variety. take your lil one to the library and let her see different covers, the ones she responds to, hire out for the week or fortnight. its free and its an outing that ends with books to read in the evening or whenever. also, take her for walks in her pram. just looking at everything around her is a learning experience. take her to a park with a pond and ducks... let her watch you feed them...explain what they are and what they are eating. if shes at the stage where she can throw the food too... let her.

try taking her out the front or back and letting her crawl or roll on the grass (put long sleeved stuff on her so she doesnt get itchy, and stay close!) let her scrunch leaves and look at flowers together. kids love nature

get a dvd with lots and lots of dancing and singing on it. high 5... yo gabba gabba, wiggles, whatever. dont use it as a "babysitter" get involved... show her mummy can dance too! then pick her up and dance with her. encourage her to clap her hands and bounce.

new toys dont have to cost the world. check out the salvos for bargains... since bubs this age seem to get bored quick you dont want to spend a fortune. be sure to wash, rinse or sanitary wipe whatever you get since its second hand... you can get full play centers for like $10... or small toys with plenty for your lil one to feel and push for about $2 or so. keep toys rotating so she has a different batch of things to play with every day.

as soon as she starts crawling get boxes, open up the ends and make tunnels.. crawl thru them with her if they are big enough, or stand on the other side and encourage her to crawl to you thru the box, but leave little toys in there to see if she decides to stay in there a while! lol.

go to playgroup.. or rhyme time at your local library. free and fun

try gymbaroo or swimming lessons if you can afford it

take her to visit relatives

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Babies love repetition and routine. Chances are she's fine and you are the one bored. But if you want to change things up, get new books from the library. Go to the zoo. Go play on the baby swings at the park. Get some new cds and learn some new songs. Join a playgroup.

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