Activities to do with my 1 yr old.

Brittany - posted on 12/01/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just curious what all you other stay at home moms do/did with your 1 year old during the day to pass the time?


Nicole - posted on 12/01/2009




Well now it's getting cold so our outside activities are limited. But we're members of the museum here so we go there and look at the fish and critters. I've also been taking him to Chuck E. Cheese, he likes the rides. I used to work at a daycare so I've been trying to follow a schedule with him similar to what we did over there but it doesn't work out so well some days.

Stefie - posted on 12/01/2009




We do lots of floor games and reading during the day. I also tell my daughter what I am doing when I do chores and errands. My daughter is a climber, so I have a little house for her to go into (more of a tent) and keep balls around to throw at each other. I also love to dance for her, she now joins in (15 months).

Now that she is a little older she likes to play more on her own and bring me a few toys and we talk about them. She has the ark from little people and a few people little people. Today she brought me the horse and a person( she calls girl dolls gaga) and said, "gaga horse neigh go go go" and then sat the doll on top of the horse and pushed them on the floor. She thought this was the most hilarious thing ever.

It is hard to keep activities for them at this age. I enrolled us at the local YMCA for a swim class. I also try to have at least 4 play dates a week. Not that children of this age can really play with one another, but it does allow the child to see other toys and explore another area. Also, they may copy each other and further their development or at least increase their vocabulary.


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