Adderall at 7... :(

Summerbda19 - posted on 01/16/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter moved to Florida from Georgia the summer bofore 2 nd. Grade. She was in gifted in Georgia because of her reading. Now she is really struggling in second grade!? Her teacher in the first month told me, she was having problems paying attention, and should see a doctor for meds. for ADD?? I decided to wait a couple month into school year. But the teacher is still saying the same thing and she is struggle with math. I am beyond upset. I do not want to start her on adderall....but after the doctor gave her a script after reading teachers recommendation, I'm confused....💔
I have just signed her up for a place that is suppose to help her with math? So we will see...
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Michelle - posted on 01/16/2017




I would be seeing another doctor. How could a doctor just prescribe medication based on 1 teacher's recommendation? A teacher isn't qualified to make that recommendation at all!!!
You are right not to just medicate her. She is probably still trying to find out where she fits in, it can be hard for a lot of children moving schools.

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