Adult Time??!!

Ally - posted on 12/04/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




We have a 2 and 1/2 year old and and a 3 week old, and it seems that by the time dinner is cooked, dishes are done, both kids have had baths and are in bed I am just ready to crash, but I feel that I am neglecting my husband. The only time we see each other anymore is in between bottle feedings at 3 in the morning! Any idea on how to get some quality time in at home just the 2 of us?


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Jamie - posted on 12/06/2009




lookup no sex drive convo it has some gooder ones on it house baby sitter that is the 12 year old that just got their sitting certificate you are still in the house but they come in and watch a kids movie or play with your babies while you have a nice supper with your husband or wine and cheese with friends etc. it gives the young sitter some experience with min. supervision your children get to know this sitter and you are close enough to take charge if the need arises, it also helps for later on when you are ready to go out into the adult night out your not phoning home every 10 secs. lol not that I ever did that. lol congrats on your two blessings talk to you again :)

Erika - posted on 12/04/2009




Congratulations on your baby!!

I totally understand how you feel. I used to feel the same way. It's not easy being a stay at home Mommy. My kids are 19 months apart. I felt so bad when my daughter was first born. It's a big adjustment going from one toddler to a toddler and a newborn. I think it gets easier as your baby gets older. You will not have to feed as often etc. Let your hubby know how you feel. I'm sure he'll understand.

Hang in there.


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