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Two subject matters:
About what is the average age to get your child to start potty training and also how old to have them give up bottles(we have water) to have hime go to sleep with, also how to do these things? Any suggestions and tips would be much appreciated, thanks.


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im going to respond to this hoping to get some help, too!

as for the bottle, i went through who knows how many sippy cups looking for one he would actually use. after we found one, i just put the bottles away and never had a problem. very rarely did i put him to bed with a bottle because he had gas problems his whole first year. being completely serious it was like he was not bothered at all by the switch as long as he had the cup that he liked drinking from. i recommend the nuk brand cups, but all kids are different.

potty training. i worked at a daycare before i got pregnant with my son and i knew kids (both boys and girls) who were being successfully switched to potty starting at one year and out of pull ups and such by 2. as for my son, he thinks his potty is a toy and doesnt understand what i want him to do when i sit him on it. he just turned a year old in march and im due with baby number 2 in september and i would like to have him at least trying before the new baby gets here!!

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Potty training can be anywhere from 18 months to 3 years. It really depends on the child. Watch for signs. Are they dry when they get up in the morning? Do they have interest in wanting to sit on the potty chair? Are they telling you when they have a wet or dirty diaper or are they telling you when they have to go? The first step is introducing the potty. Set the potty out and allow them to sit on it when you go potty, but right now it is just letting them get exposure to it. If they are not interested in it don't push it just leave it out and let them go at their pass.

For the bottle.....Usually it is recommended by 1 yr. for them to be off the bottle. Since you are doing only water and only at bedtime that is not too bad. The one hard thing is that that is how he puts himself to sleep. So he has to learn a new way of putting himself to sleep. I would start by decreasing the amount of water you put in the bottle. I would say 1 ounce a week until you are no longer giving him the bottle. He may cry for awhile because he does not know any other way of putting himself to sleep, so he cries. Once he figures out how to put himself to sleep without the bottle he won't cry. I would rock my son to sleep, so that was the only way he knew how to put himself to sleep. After spending a few nights(everytime I would go to lay him down he would wake up and I would have to start all over) in the rocking chair when he was about 18 months old I realized that I needed to do something different. The only way we were able to get through it was allowing him to cry it out for a few nights. In about a week he was no longer crying and would go right to sleep when we laid him down.

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Hi, i would say the best age to start potty training is when they start taking there own nappies off and are showing interest in the potty. my Daughter was 2 when we started she is now 3 and sleeps through without accident's about 3 months ago she point blank refused to where a nappy at night and hay presto. my son has just turned 2 and is starting to take his nappy off so hear i go again :-) (ive been told its easier to teach boys to wee standing up from the get go than to teach them to sit and then stand, straight in to the loo skip the potty) but i will let you know if that's true

Regarding the bottles, i swapped my daughter to a sippy cup and then slowly removed the whole drinking in bed thing, when she moved in to her big girl bed when she 1.

we learn our lesson with our son and he never had a bottle in his bed so we did not have that problem.


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