Ah help! Affair,Teen issues

Athena Anastasia - posted on 03/12/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I've been having an issue with my husband and daughter my daughters name is Balirelynn and my husband is Ethan,Ethan's pay roll has been dropping dramatically! I've always had enough support from E, but now he's been getting home late well now I have a 2 year old son and a 5 year old daughter (Angeline and Kayden) well Kayden told me that he saw daddy walk in VERY late last couple nights and daddy made him swear not to tell
Anyone EVEN mommy!! I was so confused like Kayden go watch Bubble Guppies, and Angeline told me she saw the same to I did what I had to do and stood by the door until I got home and he screeched "Athena,Whatcha doin' here?!" It was 3:30 am I replied with a "Ethan what're you doing?? Are -Are you having an affair?!" And he kissed me and picked me up "No,I had a late night four interns to deal with!" So...I had errands to run and I had our partime nanny Erin watch Kayden Blaire and Angeline,Well E was supposed to be home at 3ish,Erin reported that E walked in with a lip stain and his leg, And I checked when he was asleep he had them everywhere! Help!! What do I do about this issue and we've been trying to get pregnant again but we've been waking Kayden because of the noise, he's walked in twice on us and my 16 year old niece Shai I walked in on her fingering herself and then her friend had a strap on dildo on the other time AH HELP


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Cutemommy - posted on 03/15/2016




i dont know what the last couple of sentences have to do with your husband cheating. sounds like you guys need therapy

Jodi - posted on 03/13/2016




Oh my, what a troll!

Your profile says you have one child and her name is actually Blaire Angeline. In this post, you have a daughter called Balirelynn, but your other daughter is Angeline. In another post you also have 14 year old twins.

Now add to that your daughter Angeline has had a hysterectomy (your words), your 17 year old is pregnant and some other daughter you now have called ReTressah is shooting heroin......either you are a troll or have some pretty fucked up family, and your husband is the least of your worries.

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