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My daughter has eye allergies so bad and she is misreble. The dr has her on Patanol Zrtec, Singular, and Benedryl and she is still misreble. What do I do?


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Dawn - posted on 04/06/2009




i agree with mandy...some foods can trigger hey fever symptoms. the ones that i know of for me are melons and zuccinni and summer squash. there are others depending on what you are allergic to. go to and type in allergies. one thing that helps my eyes is i went to bed, bath and beyond and bought an allergy mask. you can either heat it or cool it. and when she goes to bed just have her wear that for 15-20 minutes. it really helps with the itching. but if all else fails, a good old wet washcloth works too. also have her take a shower or bath before bed to eliminate dust and pollen on her hair. and make sure you are washing her sheets and pillow cases weekly in HOT water. another culprit i just thought of is camomeal ( i know i didn't spell that right) it's in a lot of soaps and shampoos and also tea. also you can buy an eye wash in any drug store...have her rinse her eyes from time to time. this will flush out any allergens.

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