almost 5, still sucks her thumb... HELP!

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i knew this day would come! the dentist said her teeth are fine but that if we don't get her to stop sucking her thumb it'll just bring big problems for when her milk teeth fall out and the "real" ones come out. any tips on how to get her off her thumb with out it being too traumatic? she's been doing it even before she was born, we have an ultrasound of her sucking her thumb, it's so cute!!
she's been such a good sport on everything else, she quit bf on her own when she was 1y 3m, same with dippers at age 2y 3m.
she understands WHY she needs to do it, the dentist (who happens to be a cousin of mine) explained to her what could happen, she nodded and said "yes, i understand, i'm a big girl now, only babies suck their thumbs!" i know she wants to stop, she just can't help her self. PLEASE HELP!


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I sucked my thumb until I was about that age and my older 4 did also. Because she wants to stop sucking her thumb this will make things easier. I taught all my kids to sleep with the hand under their pillow. It takes a few days before the habit is broken, but it works wonderfully.

If she sucks her thumb out of bed you have to wean her more slowly. Let her know that if she wants to suck her thumb then she must be tired and has to go to bed to do that. After she understands that concept and it is implemented for a few weeks then go to the 'sleeping with hand under pillow' technique.

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Bit random but I've heard of some people putting the stop nail bitting stuff on their chil'd thumb to stop them sucking it. It tastes awful and is completely harmless so you could give that a go =)


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Nayuribe - posted on 08/17/2011




the "if you suck your thumb, you're off to bed!" seems to me working, she is conciously trying to quit. i'm so proud of her!!! and i hope that by watching this process and how brave maryluna is, that Alana (2 yo) will finally decide she's ready to quit dippers! LOL

Tara - posted on 08/11/2011




I kind of like the "have to go to bed to suck your thumb" idea.

That said, I sucked my thumb until I was almost 6 and just decided one day that big girls didn't suck their thumbs and stopped.

My mom has a friend who is the same age as she is (almost 65), and she still sucks her thumb if she is really upset, but only in private.

Angela - posted on 08/10/2011




I didn't suck my thumb, I sucked my middle and ring fingers on my right hand until I was a senior in High School. The only thing that worked for me was realizing when I was doing it, how embarrassing it was and replacing that bad habit with a good habit. The "have to go to bed to suck your thumb" might actually work.

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