Almost a year and still only formula?

Kayla Marie - posted on 03/06/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay my boyfriends youngest will be 1 in exactly a month...list of can do's for her scoot roll sit unsupported for 2-4 mins ...... weight 22lbs at 3 months the doctor told him to give her water because stress during the pregnancy caused her to stress and some how makes it where when ever she screams it is for a bottle, so he said less formula more water, okay i tried i tried so hard for months, he pee stinks and she has tummy problems so we were suppose to do baby food water juice formula now like we have been suppose to for the last 8 months first with just the water, we have tried warming it, bottle sippy cup eveything she will only drink what the doctor wants her to if it is warm and mixed with formula...the doctor doesnt want that he wants to keep her urinary system safe as well as her weight. She still screams for food every 2 hours and she eats a jar of baby food with rice and a 4-8 ounce bottle doctors orders are that meal with juice or water every four hours and a 4 ounce bottle for a snack every 2 hours. 8 months of fighting him and her, i want her healthy that doctor is trying to get it where she can lift her weight up and clean up her urinary system. So screams at anything in her bottle that is not formula or not mixed with formula and warm. I tried mixing her bottle with milk and mixing a little and adding more i swear she can tell. I Love her so much she is my little miss hailey I really need help having to use a eye dopper for her water and no sugar added juice is getting difficult and i want her to enjoy these things...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah - posted on 03/07/2013




I would maybe do some looking around and get some other opinions of other docs. It sounds like there is something more going on with her body that may need attention. Being that hungry all the time and gaining that much weight is not normal and may mean their is a hormone or some other issue going on in her body that is not balanced right.

I am not a big one for internet researching as it can lead you to unneeded worry, but in your case it may give you things to bring up at a doctor's visit to have them looked at.

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