Am I being selfish for needing "me" time in the mornings?

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I am not a morning person (that is a HUGE understatement). It seems like I am automatically in a bad mood every morning for at least 30 min. I have tried my best to do better since having children, but it's not working. My mom wasn't a morning person either, I definitely get it from her. My son (5) is a very loud, spirited little boy and when I get up in the mornings he will say "Good morning mommy!". Which of course doesn't bother me. But lately he has started running to me, nearly knocking me down to say good morning, and his 17 month old sister of course does whatever she see's her brother doing. Of course I don't mind giving my kids hugs. We are affectionate and give each other hugs, kisses, and say "I love you" all day, but I seriously need 30 minutes to wake up. So this morning I told my son "When mommy gets up, just give me a few minutes to wake up and then you can run and hug me, or whatever you want". After I thought about it I think that sounds selfish. Is it? Should I just suck it up for those 30 minutes?


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I am not a morning person either! My kids are 5, 4 and 1 and pretty much are used to me not wanting to talk to much in the morning until I've at least had a couple sips of my coffee lol. I could never get up earlier than my kids because sometimes that would be me getting up at 5am and others 630am and that would still not guarantee me getting a few minutes to myself. I swear my kids have radar that as soon as mommy even so much as rolls over in the morning that it's time to get up haha

I don't think telling your son to give you a moment is too terribly selfish. I know that if my morning starts out really bad then my whole day isn't as good as it could have been. 30 minutes may be too long for little ones if they are awake though. I usually tell my kids that I need 5 minutes which gives me time to get my coffee and start breakfast and then I usually have a couple more minutes while they are eating :)

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Try to get up before the kids. I amthe same I cannot stand waking up to obnoxious behaviour.

Sal - posted on 02/11/2013




My husband asks why I set the alarm half an hour before I need to... And it's for the same reason I just want 30 mins of quiet to get my head straight for the onslaught, some days I just lay in bed and read or listen to the news online others I get up and have a peaceful cuppa while I watch the tv news but always start with I my time and even when the kids get up and I'm having my coffee in the lounge room, we just have a quiet cuddle until my go time, because as soon as 7.00 hits there is no stopping and no quiet time until probally 11 when I get the house work finished..

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i agree with michelle i get up early i have my morning coffee before my sons get up

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Just remember that 30 mins is an awfully long time for a child. I have my child free time before the children get up. I get up early and have my shower before the kids wake up and then I am ready to deal with them.


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I feel better now that I know I am not the only one who gets grumpy in the morning, lol! Thanks for the advice!

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That's a good idea Elfrieda! I don't mean to sound harsh, and I always try to keep in mind he is only a child and he is very much a "momma's boy". Thanks for the advice!

Elfrieda - posted on 02/08/2013




It seems a little harsh to me, just because they've just been separated from you all night. (if you were lucky!)
It might be a better idea to say, "Okay, let's do one big morning hug, and after that I need 5 minutes to be by myself. I'll set the timer and when it goes bing you can come talk to me and touch me."

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