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am i the only mom who finds their 2 and half yo annoying? and my almost 5 yo does not pay attention and is messy. i seem to have a very short temper and snap at every little thing. soooo freaking tired, i can't even sit for a 10 min meal in peace, someone is always making a mess, or crying or just craving attention. what more can i give them?!! i'm here 24/7, i cook for them, i clean after them... i have nothing left!!!


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Hang in there.. I have 4 kids..9,6,2, and 3 months.. I lose at least 4 times a day..Try to get someone to help you out, maybe an hour or day. or do what I do.. I get up an hour before everybody else, just to sit and sip tea.. it helps with the morning madness! Good Luck and stay strong!

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I think we've all been in your shoes. When it gets this bad and your temper is fraying, it's time to go out and do something for yourself. Even if it's getting their dad to stay with them on a free day so you can take a walk, go for coffee anything. Just get out and breathe some fresh air. Gab with a girlfriend, Vent! Do what you need to do to get through. Trust me, you're not being selfish if you do.

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I'm so glad i could find this, i read it a few years ago, i remember it when i feel invisible.

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I totally get where you're coming from. My kids are 3&6, and they are driving me insane! They fight all the time. As far as advice, is your 5 yr old helping you clean up his/her mess? They are old enough. As for your 2.5 yr old, start there too. My kids are responsible for cleaning up their own messes..we tell them, they were "big enough" to make it, they are "big enough" to clean it. Especially when it comes to their toys, and dishes after dinner...they clear their own. Start delegating things out to them. :)

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You are not loosing it, your tired and frustrated. Hey it happens to all of us you are definitely not alone, just try to stay relaxed and focus on the fact that you are the adult and you are mom, you are the one who gets it done for them. Without you they would be neglected and alone. When you feel frustrated go in another room for a minute and take a deep breathe even scream into a pillow ( so you don't frighten the kids) and think of how you needed and wanted your mothers love and affection and just try your best to squeeze some "me time" in for yourself somewhere throughout the day. Valeria had good advise (depending on what time your kids get up) get up an hour earlier, or go to bed an hour later than they do. Just remember they won't always look for your attention, one day you will be looking for their attention as they run out the door to "hang out" with their friends!


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thank you ladies!!!! my bf said something the other day, that keeps rolling around in my head, after i had put the kids to bed, the little one woke up just as daddy was coming home from work, and she didn't want to go to bed again, she wanted to hang out, and by that i mean just jump up and down on mommy, while i tried to sleep. my bf said "i know you're annoyed, but aren't you happy our kid CAN jump up and down? she is a healthy happy baby, we are lucky" that certainly woke me up, we played for like 30 mins till she passed out, haha!
they're annoying little bunches, they ask the same qs like 20 times, the little one is right in the middle of potty training, i have to cook 3 meals each day pluz snacks, pluz keeping the house clean. my bf says we can't afford help, like someone to help clean the house atleast once a week, but he does get video games for himself. anyway, yesterday was a bad day, i yelled at my kids, i felt like such a bad mother afterwards. whatever is going on in life, THEY don't deserve that.

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of course your tired! your a mum! its a 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no holidays job......its the best, + hardest job in the world + the funniest thing is that all the things that drive u mad while they r little r gonna b the things thats u miss when they grow up lol when ur feeling stressed + u got a billion things 2 do @ once try 2 think of what ur kids c when they look @ you, if they take u for means they know they can rely on you coz ur a good mum! kids r noisy, messy + sticky fingered, enjoy it coz if ur honest wud u have it any other way? ur not the only one....sometimes we just need a grumble when we're tired :) x

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