Am I paranoid or reason for concern..devleopmental delay?

Jeri - posted on 03/21/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My DD just turned 1 yr old. She doesn't point, and I can't say that she looks towards what I am pointing to. She has had no other delays. She babbles, waves hi and bye, interacts back and forth, etc but nothing with the pointing( example: I ask her where the indian is, and she can make the indian sound by patting her mouth and "talking") I read somewhere that no pointing by age 12 months could be an earlier indicator for autism, so am I being paranoid over this one hiccup, or is there something to her not quite getting the pointing down? I think I have lacked pointing enough to her, with 2 older children, I sometimes forget all the little things about babyhood like pointing, but it really concerns me.... I am avid about being proactive vs wait and see.


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Jennifer - posted on 04/05/2013




Kids develop at different rates. She could be just fine. However, I'd mention your concern to her pediatrician. They typically have more experience with a wide variety of potential developmental concerns. (I don't know what your education/career is - you could have a degree in early childhood or therapy) Do you have access to Parents as Teachers? They screen too. Just trust your gut and if something feels "off", keep pushing.

Christina - posted on 03/22/2013




My second daughter seemed to do everything delayed! I attribute it to having another child and not always working on things with her on a regular basis. I think at 1, it is hard to diagnose or jump to any conclusions unless you are seeing multiple issues. I don't think waiting and seeing is being "not proactive" given her age. Just my opinion, though!

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