Am I selfish or is this normal?

Valerie - posted on 01/04/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have been a SAHM for two years, with two kids being my only company. All of my friends and family are at least an hour away so I don't have anyone I can hang out with or ask to watch my kids so I can have some alone time. My husband works 12-hour days so he isn't really much help with the kids since he leaves a couple of hours after they wake up and comes home when they are in bed. Lately I have been thinking about taking a trip - without my husband or kids. Just me and probably my sister, for maybe a week. The kids could stay with my family no problem; the only problem is my husband. He always said he would never let me take a vacation without him. Also, he seems to think that the only trip we should be taking EVER is to go see his family in Mexico, which isn't fair. Maybe I'm just sick of doing the same thing over and over again everyday. Is he right? Am I being selfish about this trip, or should I have the right to get away by myself once in a while?


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S. - posted on 01/05/2013




Well I'm selfish then because this coming march I'm going away with my two sisters on my cousins hen night and I can't wait :) :) :) If I was you I'd go and leave the kids with your hb then maybe he'd see why this break was needed so much.

Patricia - posted on 01/04/2013




Nope you have every right to take this trip with your sister. I would let him know- Heh look I am gonna go crazy if I don't get some time on my own. If he can't understand this then that just ain't right!!

Cleaver - posted on 01/04/2013




no you are not selfish maybe if you mention going to something hed hate that you really want to do

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