Am looking for something that prevents a baby from falling off a regular bed when sleeping / awake. Has anyone used a sleeper bed rail for a regular bed? If yes, which one seems safe. Will appreciate any inputs. Thanks!


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We use bed rails. We have one on each side. They're connected underneath and we tighten them so there's no gap. I don't leave her in bed alone because she could climb over them. She naps in her crib or the carrier. It's preferred to push your bed up against the wall or put your mattress on the floor, but we have a smaller bedroom with built-in dressers on each side of the bed. We don't have another place to put our bed. At night she sleeps snuggled up to me and I wake when she moves, but the rails are there just in case.

Carol - posted on 03/29/2012




We used the rail in between the crib and a normal matress stages. It's fine for toddlers that have at least a little sense of gravity, but not infants. There's a gap plenty big enough for a baby to fall under or get pinched under. If they're pulling to stand up already, they could easily topple over the top too.

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