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Laura - posted on 12/21/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




some days i can feel just fine all day, then the hubby gets home and i am immediately annoyed! for no specific reason, either. he is kind, helpful, i don't have to worry about waiting on him or anything so i don't know why there is stress related to him coming home. we don't fight often, everything is normal. sometimes i wonder if i'm just exhausted but when i'm alone with baby i have to 'fake it' in order to keep up. then when hubby gets home i can allow myself to feel how tired i am, and that makes me cranky? i don't really know.. anyone else experience this odd phenomenon?


Shannintipton - posted on 12/21/2011




It may just be hormones. I dont think your alone in this. I hope it gets better.


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Jill - posted on 12/23/2011




you're normal, girl! it sounds like you stay home with the baby? if so, then it could very possibly make you feel like your hubby is invading your "work space". he changes the routine you've been in all day when he gets home and now you have 2 people to take care of, more things to do and think about. my hubby used to do that when i babysat in my home. he would be gone for days at a time and when he got home, he'd start telling me what needed to be done around the house, etc. that irritated me more than anything. so i finally told him that i dont go in his office and change how he does his job so dont come home and tell me how to do my job and so on. it helped a lot when we had a chance to get out for a date and be husband and wife. i think it's very normal for a woman to want her husband to read our mind. is it possible that you just want more of his help when he gets home? give you a break? sounds like a case of raging hormones.... get out and be husband and wife for an evening. it'll do ya some good!

Kelina - posted on 12/22/2011




I used to feel that way with my mom and when my son was little with my husband as well. With my hubby, I eventually realized that I resented him. He got to sleep soundly all night(he slept right through our son despite him sleeping in the same room, 4 feet away from daddy lol) He got to get up and go out in the morning, and come home later, a little tired yes but at least he knew what he was doing and got to talk to grownups all day. I had to try to figure out what exactly to do with a newborn, which is not easy, they're not great conversationists lol they don't do much for the first almost 6 months. There's only so often you can play peekaboo before you're bored out of your skull, and taking them to playgroups that young is kind of redundant. So by the time my hubby came home and I knew he'd been taling in normal tone and sentences all day, and hainvg people talk back I wasn't in the greatest mood. Don't get me wrong i was happy he was home, because it meant he got to change a few diapers, but generally I changed all the diapers all day and my hubby only had to change one. And then there was the added knowledge once my son started to laugh that I couldn't make him laugh, only daddy could so that annoyed me even more. It meant i got the cranky baby, and as soon as he started crying he came right back to me, but daddy got the happy baby who laughed and giggled. Eventually it got better. I managed to get my son to laugh, he finally started crawling, and I was able to get out of the house and see some big people! the first year was so hard, but it does get better, I promise!!!! *note when my hubby came and sat down beside me he read your original post and started laughing saying did you write that?

Melissa - posted on 12/21/2011




I feel the same way! I could have written that post myself!! I think it might be a combination of it being the end of the day (the bath/dinner rush) and by that stage I'm getting a bit over it and also I am strong and in control all day (with my appy mummy face on) and when my partner gets home I can somewhat share the load and suddenly I feel exhausted! I hate it though cause I can be such a grump and I feel really sorry for my partner sometimes.

Cherease - posted on 12/21/2011




Talk to your husband and let him know whats going on, and see your doctor. Being exhausted all the time is not normal,so you need to find out whats causing it.Having some alone time could possiblely help.Good Luck.,

User - posted on 12/21/2011




I feel like that sometimes but that's because my boy goes nuts when he's home. He turns into a whinning, demanding little guy which he's usually not, he won't feed when dad is around, or do anything as he has a strong separation anxiety feeling towards his father and can't let him out of his sight, it's hard as it's not his fault, but I always think 'here we go...'. I am trying to be fair and not get annoyed when he's home but sometimes it's just impossible.

Brianna - posted on 12/21/2011




maybe u need a break? like get a babysitter and take a day to yourself to destress? or maybe u and your hubby should go on a date to have some fun together and destress

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