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Ashley - posted on 08/11/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




So ever since I have been a stay at home momiy seems like my husbAnd picks on me for everything. You don't clean the house right, the kids don't way enough vegetables, I'm forgetful(because I have to listen to a t and 3 yr old throwing tantrums all day). I'm not the one to pay the bills, why can t you just be happy? Is the question I get every day when I have a complaint. He tells me that I always have an excuse for why I don't get things done. Give me a break! Any way the list goes on and on. But the one thing that he says to me that hurts me most of all is that I always ask for money and I'm always the one spending the money. Which incompletely not true! I penny pinch my 100 dollars for two weeks worth of groceries. HELP!!!! I need advice. I need sanity in my life!


Michelle - posted on 08/11/2017




He's not being picky, he's being controlling and verbally abusive.
My ex was like that. I could never do anything right. Even when I went back to work part time it was thrown in my face that I "only worked 2.5 days a week". He forgot that I had 2 kids under 3, ran around for his business and did all his paperwork.
It hurts when the person who is supposed to love you is nasty and always putting you down.
I found the courage to leave ( there was also the reason that he cheated on me though) and I'm so glad I did. It took me a long time to get my self esteem back though as he had crushed it. It's also amazing how many friends came back into my life. They had distanced themselves from me because of him.


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I have no advice for you I am still not sure how to deal with it myself. This is how my husband is now. He constanly picking on everything I do. I started speed walking so I could loose some of my pregnancy weight and he picked on me about that to the point I gave up on it. I am sorry you are going through this too and I hope it gets better for you. It can be exhausting being unsure of everything you do because you aren't sure what he will say about it. Almost like haveing another toddler. You are not alone in having this issue.

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