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Beck - posted on 05/18/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have read through as many potty training conversations I can find and I can't seem to find one with an answer to my question. I need to know how I get my daughter to wear knickers as she has been no nappy for a while but as soon as she puts on knickers she starts having accidents. How do I teach her not to go in her pants?


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Ruth Ann - posted on 05/20/2010




i am going throw potty training with my daughter to, she is 2 years old. she wants to use the potty but times she goes in her panties. when she goes to the potty i reward her, with a stick of cheese (she loves to eat cheese so thats her reward for all good things) and when she goes in her panties i have her watch me throw a stick of cheese away, but dont really throw it away lol. but now she is starting to realize to go to potty, she really only wears diapers to bed. thats going to be a hard one, she hates getting up in middle of night to potty. i also have a 1 year lod boy now thats going to be a hard one when potty training comes around.

Kelly - posted on 05/20/2010




You just have to wait it out. Its frustrating, but they won't do it right until they're good and ready. My daughter just turned five two weeks ago, and a month before that she was still pooping in her pants. We tried everything under the sun, even promising her a guinea pig. One day she just stopped doing it and has not had a single accident in almost six weeks! (and we now have a guinea pig) I hope your daughter doesn't take as ong as mine, just hang in there!

Becky - posted on 05/20/2010




Yes. Just keeping putting her in them and when she does have an accident make her help you clean it up.. Put her on the potty, then have her clean it up and explain to her why she is cleaning it up and why we need to go on the big potty. Do you give treats after she uses the potty? I always gave my daughter 1 m&m for pee and 1 lolly if she went poo. It took my daughter about 1 week of wetting her pants before she potty trained. And when she goes on the potty you have to go crazy silly! Jumping up and down telling her she is such a big girl so she gets excited to go. Just keep it up and don't give up. Good Luck

Beck - posted on 05/19/2010




so is just keeping her in the panties all day a good idea and just keep changing so she eventually realises that she can't go in them?

Melissa - posted on 05/18/2010




I think you may just have to work through it. My daughter did this for about a week straight. I was fortunate to be at home with her all day and I would just put her in panties and a t shirt. When she had an accident I would take her to the bathroom, put her on the potty, have her wash herself up, put new panties on and help clean up the mess. With us that taught her the repercussions of her not paying enough attention to get to the potty. We also put a potty chair in the living room and in her bedroom for bedtime. It also could be that she doesn't want to let go of being your "lil girl" maybe reassurance might help? Kids at this age are so hard to understand, there is no telling what is going through their lil heads sometimes. Good luck!

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