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How do moms really feel about giving their children antibiotics every time they get sick?


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Michelle - posted on 02/03/2010




only if necessary, if you have a bacterial infection then yes but for cold of flu they aren't going to help at all

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If you are going to do antibiotics, make sure you also get a prescription for an antifungal (nystatin or diflucan) and take high dose of probiotics at least a few hours in between antibiotic use. I am not a fan for them, unless it's absolutely necessary. I think they can do more damage than good in a lot of situations....

Melissa - posted on 02/03/2010




I don't like the idea. We stick with the chiropractor, natural remedies and have the "go green" idea going in the house---has kept us healthier. It's natural for your body to create a temperature to help you get over a sickness.

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If it is a bacterial infection then definitely I will give them the antibiotic! But, I think antibiotics are over prescribed and given for viral infections which is a waste. They don't help for viruses and over use of them causes immunity and they won't help you in the future.

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