Any advices pls.

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my 4 year old daughter every morning give me a hard time if its to go pee pee, brush her teeth, eat breakfast, get ready for the day or play with the kids I babysitter sometime. sometime I wish we can get alone or have a good morning but it never happens there's always a fight for us.


Sarah - posted on 04/11/2013




Maybe try a rewards chart for her. Put the items you want her to complete in the morning on it .....when she has completed an item she gets to put a sticker in that spot and then can look for what else needs to be done. Then if she gets a sticker for each of the tasks needing to be done that morning she gets something special (watching her favorite show, eating cereal out of her favorite bowl, playing with a favorite toy or thing, etc.....whatever would be the best motivator for her.


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