any good step-daddy stories? my sons dad a dud but my bf stepped up to the plate

Bonita - posted on 02/02/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my ex husb left me when i was 4 mo prego with my son for a woman he was havin an affair with, eventually i got over it and moved on. about a mo after i had my son i met my current bf, we started dating and became a couple, i didnt plan it but it happened. i didnt ask him to but he stepped up to be a daddy to my son and low n behold he has been a wonderful daddy to my son. my son even started callin him da da. his bio dad sees him maybe like once or sometimes twice a mo for a few hours cause thats all he requested to see him in court, what an ass, but things with us are great my son has a good daddy dont matter to me that he not the bio father.


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Eliza - posted on 02/03/2010




My 11 year old's bio father is not in the picture, I was 16 when I got prego, about a month after I left him, his family is truly messed up, they all live in walfare and his sisters are in some sick race to see who can have more kids, last I heard one had 8 the other had 7. At the time I was just concerned with raising my daughter. He only saw her twice her 1st year. When she was 16 months old I met my now b/f. I thought it was just gonna be a summer fling, I was up front with him about having a daughter. She stayed w/ my mom most of the time at that point, I had just turned 18 and turned wild for a while. It was a rough time for my mom, my daughter and me. But my mom was understanding. She told me to do what I needed and get it out of my system now. Anyways, I got prego with our son 6 months after we started going out. My daughter calls him dad, and to him thats his daughter. And we just had another son a year ago. my daughter knows her bio dad and is not impressed, they haven't seen each other in 4 years, I'll ask her if she wants to see him, but she refuses. She feels like he don't really care cause he don't try to see her, don't call her, nothing, it's not like he couldn't call us at home, or my parents, where all in the phonebook. I don't even get child support from her bio father, we don't want his money, where doing fine just the way it is. And if she ever wants to see him I'll do whatever I can to find him for her, thats up to her, but I will not push her into seeing him, The last time they saw eachother he tried to get her to call him dad, and when I picked her up she started crying when we got in the car, it really upset her that he did that. She said she already had a dad and didn't like that he was pushing her to call him dad. she was 7 at the time and didn't want to go back after that. Our life if great and I'm forever thankful for Nate for stepping in like that.

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i was with My oldest sons dad for a little over 2 years. we where just dating when I got preg. not long after I had my son we got engaged. then he started changing. drinking all day everyday. expected me to go to school(still in high school) do my homework, and clean the house and i had to have it all done by the time I got him up for work (he worked 3rd shift) and i had to have dinner ready for him. then he started getting abusive. I left him 4 days before our sons first bday. well i met my current bf a couple months later. he has been in my oldest sons life for 3 years now. my son started calling him da-da after a few months of us being together. his dad takes him on saturdays when he doesnt have to work. but my ex and I r still friends.

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I have an absolutely wonderful husband now. The bio father of my first two was terrible. The only reason I married him was because I was prego. He never held a job. He spent most of his time in jail, because of little schemes he would try to pull. He never helped me with anything. I finally left him when my first was 12mo. and I was 5 1/2 mo. prego with my second. That was only after he went to jail and at the same time I started getting letters from my bank for checks that I never even wrote. I found out he had stolen a bunch of checks out of the box of extra checks I had and was forging my signature (he wasn't on the account) If it wouldn't have been for my parents taking us in I would have been kicked out on the street, because I had to way to pay rent because of all the overdraft fees, and to top it off, he wrote a check to a "friend" for drugs (which I didn't know he was using) and they started calling and threatening me (don't forget I was 5 1/2mo. prego). I met my current husband when my youngest was 10mo. He was great. He always included the kids in everything and has been a wonderful father ever since. We now have one child together, and if you weren't told that he wasn't the bio father of the other two, you would never know, because he treats them all the same. He spoils them a little too much sometimes, but that is ok. He has even adopted them. (Bio dad never paid child support or could stay out of jail long enough to see them). My husband has given up so much just for us and I can never thank him enough.

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My biological father is a horrible, ignorant, abusive, and vedictive person. He walked out on our family when I was 9 and my sister was 6, but not before he caused major emotional and physical damage to us all. My sister and I chose to end contact with him over 17 years ago. About 8 years ago, my mother met a wonderful man. He had never been married or had children previously. He treats my mother like gold and has accepted me and my sister as his own (even after all the hell my sister put him through during her teen years). My children call him Grandpa even though I have never referred to him as "dad". Once my first came along, I referred to him as Grandpa as well and that satisfied us all. He is a wonderful person to have in our lives.

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