Any great date ideas? Not a lot of money...

Sarah - posted on 06/16/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My husband and i would like to go on a date at least once a month, but we don't have a baby sitter we can trust....Live away from family.


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We have tried to make it a habbit to atleast once a month have what we call a date-in! I pick a movie out on demand (normally we pick it early in the day) then we pick a resturant that we both thinks sounds good and get takeout (my husband goes and gets it) Then we can sit on the couch in our PJ's eatting from our fav resturant and dont have to pay for a babysitter. It has really helped our relationship!

Tisha - posted on 06/16/2010




check with local daycares to see if they offer a parents night out. also. maybe you can find a moms group so that you can get to know some other moms and they might be willing to trade off once a month. that way you don't have to pay for the childcare and can put some more money towards your date!

Rachel - posted on 06/16/2010




I would definitely take time to find a good babysitter. Try looking at sites like and Do you have any close friends nearby that could watch your child? Are you involved in church? My church has a childcare night about once a month for 3 hours and it's only $3 so that's really cheap babysitting and it's the same workers who watch my son on Sunday mornings. Once you find a babysitter google "Free things to do in (your city)" and chances are you can find some fun things to do for a date night. You could even put your kid to bed and eat out on the porch or have a movie night. My husband and I love to go to the mall and push our son in the stroller. We get a good walk in, enjoy talking to each other and our son loves it!! Hope this helps.


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Jessica - posted on 06/29/2014




I'm in the same boat you are. Far away from Family, don't know too many people in my town, and i don't trust anyone with my kids. So me and hubby have date night inside...Sometimes we are outside as well. Maybe watch movies on the couch, make sure you cuddle. or we lay on our porch and watch the stars and just talk. Sometimes we even lay in bed and just talk about anything on our minds. Do it all in one night...Or least till ya'll fall asleep.

Rita - posted on 06/16/2010




can't you go visit the family that you trust and leave the children a few hours with them? they will be happy to see you , and you and your husband can go out for a walk or whatever

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