any help ideas on reading for a grd4


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Sarah - posted on 11/30/2009




My kids love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I would say that is between a 3rd and 4th grade level. We had a hard time finding books that my son liked to read. He tended to lean towards either mystery or sports.

Kelly - posted on 11/30/2009




I don't know specifically what you are asking, but the most important way to improve reading skills is practice, practice, practice. If the child hates reading, find books that are of interest to the child. Then do all you can to encourage reading for pleasure. Maybe get him/her to read a popular book by promising to take them to see the movie (or rent it for them) after they read it, then discuss with them what differences there were between the book and the movie. Or assign them a certain number of pages to read each day, or a certain amount of time each day, with rewards when they finish the book. Make sure they do a "book report" for you afterwards, either on a form you can make up for them, or verbally (so you can tell that they are really understanding what they read). I love to read, so I always read with my kids a lot. At the age of your child, they still like you to read to them; what I did around that age with my older kids was we would pick a good long chapter book, then I would read a page and we'd pass the book and each of them would read a page. We'd go around and around until we read one chapter per night, or whatever. I find that if you can take a book and divide it up in sections to read each night and finish it in a week, that is a good time span. That way it keeps their attention for several nights but doesn't drag on too long. I usually even now, with my oldest two in high school, read the books they have to read for school, so I can discuss with them. I am a book fanatic, so if you need suggestions for good books, send me a message! Good luck!

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