Any ideas for inexpensive "Mommy and Me" activities with an infant?

Sarah - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My little girl is 3 months old and I am looking for ideas of things I can do to get the two of us out of the house (other than shopping). The less the activity costs, the better! Thanks, everyone!!! ~Sarah



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Jodi - posted on 01/16/2010




There isn't a whole lot your 3 month old can do right now in terms of activities outside of the pretty much whatever you want to do! lol When my daughter was 3 mo it was the middle of summer and we'd sit out on a blanket in the shade in our back yard with a few toys, a book or two and just have mommy and baby time. If you're interested I have a community called SAHM's are Teachers! It's a community for moms who are interested in swapping ideas for creative play with their children of any age group. Feel free to join and post your question there as well!

Also, if you have an acoustic cafe nearby they have great coffe and cappuccino's with lots of free, live entertainment, mainly music that baby would probably love, but any poetry readings would help her with language development too! Good luck!

Amy - posted on 01/16/2010




Certainly Zlatina's suggestions are spot on! It's good to get into a routine with things too. Our public library has story time for different age groups, so you can check to see if they have one for her age. Parks are always good. I'm not sure what Indigo book stores is, perhaps like a Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble? Most big book stores like that will allow you to sit there all day reading through their books and won't make you feel pressured to buy them. We have a mall out here too that has an indoor play place. A good stroller ride/wagon ride around the neighborhood is fun too! If you have any type of yard area, a blanket on the ground for an outside picnic is fun as well. Oh, and when she gets a bit older to actually play on these things, fast-food restaurants make for a great after lunch/before nap play place. I'll take mine there every now and then after we eat lunch at home or in the middle of running errands so they can run off some energy.

Kim - posted on 01/16/2010




Libraries do lapsit. If your town doesn't other towns will usually allow anyone. Sometimes areas or a school will have playgroups that cost $25 or so a 6 wk session. The Y has different things. I did a Parent/Tot swim class. And I met a lot of people at Lapsit and we went to the beach, playground, zoo together on other days.

Tracy - posted on 01/16/2010




i joined a play group it ranges for all children. I'ts kind of more for me since my baby is only 5 should try it out. go to and see if their are groups in your area

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