any ideas how to get my baby girl to sleep all night

Katie - posted on 06/22/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my little girls just over six months old see used to sleep all the way though tenight but now se wakes at least 3 times in the night


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Kristin - posted on 06/22/2010




At her age, I would look into teething, illness, growth spurt, and any milestones she's accomplished. Each of these will disrupt sleep for several nights. If you've got a good bed/sleep time routine established, you just use the last bits of it to soothe her back to drowsy. Just be sure that she really needs you before you go to her.

Also, if she's co-sleeping (in the room with you) or bed-sharing, has anything changed with how you are sleeping? It may be that you or dad are waking her up and she needs to move out.

Lots of things to look into and try. Just remember, this will pass, you will sleep again, and be patient with both your daughter and yourselves.

Erica - posted on 06/22/2010




My babies used to do the same thing. I found that it was for numerous reasons. At this point they went through a growth spurt and maybe your baby needs more to eat before bed. A full belly for my girls always helped them sleep longer at night. Also it was around this time that they started teething. If your baby's teeth are bothering them that could also wake them at night. Other then tylenol or teething tablets you will just have to get up. Just know that it does not last forever. You will eventually get a full nights sleep again.

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Babies are physiologically made to sleep in REM throught the night in order for brain reparation. All day long they are bombarded with a million new sensations, pictures, words, motions, sounds, movements, etc etc etc etc. During naps they are so PHYSICALLY exhausted so they sleep in DEEP sleep. At night though, their brain puts their body in REM or light sleep. That is the only sleep in which their brains can repair, sort out new information and build new cells. Any noise, even their own breathing, can wake them from this. It's unfortunate but it is how they develop!

Also, babies are more comfortable with mom and or dad because during the day you give them comfort and reassurance. At night, alone in their crib, they don't get that which is why it is so difficult for them to get back to sleep after the innevitable waking. My husband and our son share a bed at night, it's their time to bond, snuggle etc as I am home all day with him. This way, I get a good nights sleep and daddy and baby spend much needed time together (even if they're just sleeping!).

Remember, it won't last forever and you're DEFINATELY not alone!

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