Any ideas on how to get a 15 month old to take liquid medicine? She keeps spitting it out.


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Hollyanne - posted on 01/18/2014




My son had a double ear infection. We tried the first dose and he just spit it out. So we decided to give it to him with yogurt. I would give him a bite of yogurt, and then a squirt of medicine. If he tried to spit it out, I would just put more yogurt in. He did pretty well with this method. After a few days, he would take all of the dosage of medicine, and then he would eat the yogurt to get rid of the taste. Hopefully you find something that works for you. It can be difficult.

Ann - posted on 01/16/2014




most medicine that you buy at the drugstore comes with a dropper in it with the measurements on it, and if you get it from a pharmacist they should've provided you with one. But when i didnt have one and needed to give my youngest her medicine I used a sippie cup and mixed it with a bit of water so it wasn't such a strong taste and that worked well

Chet - posted on 01/16/2014




Like Michelle Waldbillig said, you need a medicine syringe. I'm surprised the pharmacist didn't give you one.

Don't mix medicine with anything unless you confirm with a pharmacist (not a doctor) that it's okay.

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What about putting it into her sippy cup? When my toddler resists taking liquid medicine, I will mix it with his cup of milk or the juice & water 50/50 mix.

Michelle - posted on 01/16/2014




You need to get a syringe without the needle and place it down the inside of her cheek as far back as you can.

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