Any of you SAHMs NOT spend your days cooking and cleaning?

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I suppose when my son gets older I'll spend a little more time at home keeping my house in order. But right now, my son is only a year and still wants my attention all the time. So instead of staying home, I try to get out and about almost every day with him. We go to meetups, play dates, story time at the library, walks, shopping, etc.

The weekends are when I clean the house. My husband hangs out with our son and I whip the house back into shape. During the week, the most I'll really do as far as cleaning goes is I'll sometimes run the sweeper vac through and pickup the crumbs and dust bunnies.

Another post on here got me thinking about this. It was the post about husbands complaining that their wives don't get all prettied up for them. Those moms were happy to spend their days in sweats and t-shirts because staying home cooking and cleaning was what they did with their time. I on the other hand, love getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup. Nothing fancy. Just some nice jeans and a top that makes me feel good. And not gobs of makeup. Most days it's a bit of eyebrow pencil and a touch of mascara. I don't do it for my husband, I do it for myself.

So what I'm wondering is, is this odd and uncommon behaviour among SAHMs?


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Tally - posted on 12/25/2009




I think it's great that you are finding balance and enjoying being a mom. This time that you are spending with your son is so precious and will not come back. I have 5 children , and have been home schooling for years. One thing that I do with my kids is read to them quite a bit even though some of them are teens! We enjoy this special time together. I also believe in not neglecting your self. It's healthy for the whole family if mom is happy and feels beautiful. As far as frequent outings go, that's great if you are able to do so. The housework will wait : )

keep enjoying,

Tally Woomer
working from home and lovin' it!

Jennifer - posted on 12/24/2009




I do stay home a lot, but it is great that you get out. You have to do whatever works for you and makes you happy, and whatever makes you happy will make your son happy also. I am happy cleaning my home. When I had my first and was pregnant with my second child, my husband at the time (now my ex) never held a job and I worked 5-6days a week. Even though I worked alot, my job didn't pay much, so we were always worried about not having food or even a house. When I clean I now think how blessed I am to have food to make my dishes dirty, and my kids have boots that track mud through my house.

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