Any one have tips on potty training a 2yr old who tells u when she had wet her training pants f


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Jane - posted on 09/11/2009




the advice i'm getting is to do 3-days of hell training. do your grocery shopping and errands and then don't go anywhere for 3 days. just keep putting her on the potty and rewarding her when something happens. even when she just peed or pooped but not in the potty. they tell me it's effective and eventually they make the connection. i bought cotton training pants - pullup are just another diaper or put underwear on under her diaper. also, i just started this today, "the potty book" and "the potty dvd" starring 'Hannah'. my 2 yr old LOVED it today. she's been mimicking the undressing and sitting on the little potty today and singing the song. and stickers for rewards.

good luck - i'm just starting today.

Skittles - posted on 09/10/2009




also I have found that the sticker chart is fun for them too. My DD loved it when i let her put a sticker on her chart.i am working with my son whos 3 now and i will say boys are harder then girls MyDD was done in a week or less he knows he has to go but he fights the idea. He always asks for a diaper and has a fitwhen I don't give it to him. So I have let him streak through the house just so i still win the fight of no diapers.I feel like I am doing the tough love thing but thats what you have to do sometimes I guess

Danielle - posted on 09/10/2009




I am in the process with my 3 year old daughter. What i was told was training pants feel just like a diaper, so they will potty in them, but put really panties on and make a huge deal out of it. My daughter is doing great tellimg me when she has to go!

Heather - posted on 09/10/2009




I havent done this but about to try for night time. A close friend said put underwear on them then the diaper/training pant. It makes it far more uncomfortable!

My daughter is a Feb 07 baby and we had gone back and forth will potty training then this weekend I decided enough is enough...she has been in underwear for 4 days. No pee accidents just not #2 on potty :( the last 3 days...including trips to stores, parks, and 'town' an hour and half drive. I just leave a blanket in car for seat if she pees and carry extra clothes instead of diapers.

Dont know if this will help...I just figured out it was me not her that wasnt ready.

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